Our Services

Excavation – demolition – backfilling – ramming

We have huge and modern capabilities to carry out drilling, demolition, backfilling and ramming works based on the latest heavy and modern methods and equipment for digging, demolishing, backfilling and your father.

Building design

We work on unique and innovative architectural designs for buildings that are distinguished by brilliance, high elegance, luxury and sophistication, and help in a sense of sophistication and psychological comfort, and ensure the optimal use of spaces with modern and luxurious designs.

Restoration and maintenance

We do and carry out all repair and maintenance work for old apartments, buildings and schools that need maintenance, restoration and repair, and we also do all electrical, plumbing, carpentry and other facilities and systems.

Finishing works

We offer a large and distinct group of ideas and designs for finishing real estate, residential units, companies, bodies, institutions, government banks and other units, installing all services and complete finishing works.

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Decors design

We provide all services related to designing decorations according to the latest advanced methods and innovative modern forms of design with unique and sophisticated artistic touches that give positive energy and spread psychological comfort

Building Contracting

We carry out all construction contracting and construction work at all stages, from drilling for foundations to all phases, to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, ceramic and marble works, facades, paints, fallen ceilings, and raised floors.