Horizon for contracting is a specialized company in general contracting, construction, architectural and specialized engineering works.

Established in Egypt since 2008

We are specialized in integrated works for control and monitoring rooms for the Egyptian intelligence agency and other authorities

We deal With all the governmental autherihes and international Schools Like British Ramses School and National Bank of Egypt and Delta Steel Mill Co.

We Plan to get the ISO certificate before end 2020

Our Fields are:

  • Integrated engineering designs.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete.
  • Construction of steel works.
  • Indoor and outdoor architectural finish.
  • Decorations.
  • Landscape.
  • Electromagnetically works.
  • Civil defense works : firefighting, fire alarm and CCTV works.
  • Integrated maintenance works for buildings.
  • Building repair works.
  • Insulation works and swimming pools.
  • Smart poles in modern Smart Cities.
  • Floating pontoons and floating stations.

The core values of the company

The company applies its core values equally and equitably to all its employees and all its clients, subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Integrity and honesty in material transactions is a line that cannot be crossed under any name or excuse.
  • We build trust not only through competence but also through personality and behavior.
  • We respect the absence of colleagues and do not say in their absence what we offer what to say in their presence.
  • We lead and manage through our example before our words and act as officials and maintain the company.


  • We aim for 100% complete success from the first time and do not accept half-solutions. We offer our best to achieve dazzling and not just for implementation.
  • We expect the best from ourselves and others, and for that we encourage, motivate and push each other to achieve excellence.
  •  We view quality and excellence not as a goal but as a continuous journey of learning and development.

Team spirit and communication

  • We believe in team spirit, together we are stronger, smarter and more creative.
  • We are here to succeed as a team.
  • We achieve goals through cooperation, not competition. The successes of others inspire us and do not provoke hatred or envy in us.
  • We continuously communicate, listen, talk face to face and understand others before we ask them for our understanding.
  • We seek to build successful relationships in which we win all parties.


  • We see difference as a source of strength, not weakness, and therefore we accept each other regardless of the diversity in education, gender, job level or background.
  • We seek to resolve any dispute by listening before the accusation and showing respect before his request.

Commitment and passion

  • We focus our efforts on finding solutions, not excuses.
  • We are proud of our achievement and facilitate the achievement of others, and we believe that preventing others from achieving does not make us successful but rather the enemies of success.

Company Mission

  • Horizon Contracting seeks to present a new concept on the labor market in the field of general contracting (construction – finishes) which is: the possibility of achieving remarkable growth and appropriate profit with continuous emphasis on quality in the product and the integrity in the specifications and deal clearly and honestly with all customers despite all the existing challenges.
  • The company has proven through ten years of dealing with all customers – security and sovereign bodies, institutions, bodies and individuals seeking to excel – our seriousness in the pursuit of all the values and principles agreed upon in our company.
  • Introduction Our interests Development of workers in training and qualification courses to ensure distinguished access from self-assurance and achieving success at all levels.
  • We seek to reach the stage where the company becomes the second home of the worker through clarity in dealing, honesty in speech and behavior, and creating honest competition to explode the potential of creativity.
  • Technological development through the use of the latest programs in order to make designs, drawings, schedules, integrated accounts and reports necessary to monitor the workflow at all levels, thus ensuring Horizon engineers, designers and accountants work accurately, comfort and a sense of accomplishment.

Company Vision

  • Horizon Contracting Company vision is to establish and activate a basic base in the labor market, which is: It achieves the best results in available times with real accuracy and honesty.
    Dealing fairly with clients in the quality of the product and its quantities at reasonable prices, with a subcontractor in their dues, and with the state in all financial and moral obligations; And this despite all the challenges and legacies in this market