Control rooms in important places in the country

Project Terms

  1. A group of control and follow-up rooms, security of the gates movement, at the Federal Palace
  2. Providing 3 rooms for the Holding Company for Land and Maritime Transport in Cairo and Alexandria
  3. Control room for the Traffic Department in the Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square
  4. Chamber of the navigational route of the Suez Canal
  5. The main room to monitor the fields and hubs
  6. Main Cairo
    Central Bank Stock Exchange Control Room
  7. The main room for controlling city squares and hubs Alexandria

8. The control room of the entrances and walls of the Egyptian satellite station, Nilesat

9. Control room of the Egyptian News Channels

10.Communication room in the Suez Canal Authority Central

11. A security control room in the Prime Ministry building

12.Shore Protection Authority Operations Room

13- The maximum crisis management room

14. Central Bank Control Room

15- The Central Bank control operations room

16. Central control room for Aswan Dam

17. Control room in the headquarters of the State Council

18. Central room to secure some branches of the United Bank

19. The control and control room to secure the Mint Authority